Sunset Overdrive Will Have A Day One Edition Upon It’s Xbox One Release

Exclusive goodies include a gun, a melee weapon, and a unique playable character

Insomniac’s much anticipated release Sunset Overdrive will have a Day One package upon its release. If you choose to get this edition, you will acquire free Downloadable items. These include: An in-game character outfit, a melee weapon, and a gun.

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Microsoft claims that these won’t be available anywhere else. The playable character is one of the bosses in the forthcoming titles, known as Fizzie. The melee weapon is the Hardcore Hammer, a spiked dumbbells/bat combo. And the gun — called “Nothin’ but Hits” — fires brightly coloured vinyl records.

The game itself is due this Fall. It is an open-world, third-person shooter full of gore, ghouls and garish arsenals of weaponry. The graphical style they’ve taken is bright and cartoony; if the gameplay is as colourful and entertaining as the aesthetics, then we’re in for a treat. Catch some gameplay from a video released by Insomniac yesterday if this sounds like it might be to your liking.

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