Sunset TV: A Glimpse into Sunset Overdrive Gameplay

Sunset Overdrive is so highly anticipated, it has its own YouTube channel that uploads weekly gameplay videos and reveals a sprinkle of new information about the game!

Since May this year, Sunset TV (Sunset Overdrive’s YouTube channel) uploads a video every week. The videos showcase different features of the game. Movement options are referred to as traversing in the videos. Co-op multiplayer capabilities include things like Chaos Squad and Night Defense (more on that later).

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The videos also show detailed gameplay snippets of different parts of the colorfully wacky open world that is Sunset City. Host Brandon Winfrey from Insomniac Games (remember him from RTX 2014?) answers questions from fans that range from Sunset Overdrive to his injured finger.

So what exactly is in store for players itching to run around Sunset City? Well…

Players can traverse in-game by bouncing or grinding (shoes are the Sunset City version of a skateboard) on walls, railings, power lines, and more. So there’s not much running or walking on the street going on in this game! And this type of travel means that players can get their character higher and higher on buildings and other obstacles – but that doesn’t mean mutants won’t try to get in the way! The higher players get, the more difficult and complex it is to move around Sunset City.

Weapons and special moves – also called ‘amps’ – can emit cool stuff, such as electricity, tornadoes, and nuclear explosions.

So if there’s a horde of mutants in a player’s way, they can easily be taken down with a handy-dandy amp. As players progress through the game, there are more amps to earn and use in any way the player chooses. The amps range from cool and imaginative to weird and wacky, which seems proper since all these mutants came from…orange soda? Or an energy drink? It’s not clear what the in-game drink, Over Charge, is…

Players can traverse in-game by bouncing or grinding….

There are a lot of fun things to do aside from the main story, like side quests to help other characters and unfold the story more, eight-player co-op multiplayer Chaos Squad and Night Defense, in-depth character customization, and so much more. In Chaos Squad and Night Defense, players duke it out with mutants in teams, completing objectives by day and “defense-style battles” by night, according to Meanwhile, players earn more money and more amps! Best of all, there’s no set amount of gameplay hours, so players can keep on killing mutants as much as they want.

During the latest Sunset TV installment, Winfrey hinted at the Sunset Overdrive digital pre-order.

According to, the XBox overlord Phil Spencer said “Pre-buy, pre-download are all things we look at as important to our long-term success.”

That’s something for not only Sunset Overdrive fans, but all XBox One fans to look forward to. Pre-orders and pre-downloads on the XBox One console? It doesn’t get better than that.

Some gamers, like writer Max Parker, doubt that Sunset Overdrive will keep players engaged for so long.

According to, Parker said “Sunset Overdrive has the aura of something fun and original, but I worry that it will outstay its welcome rather quickly. How fun can obliterating zombies be after the third or fourth hour?”

Hasn’t Parker ever heard of the zombie co-op multiplayer in past Call of Duty games? Those haven’t lost their luster yet.

It’s all leading up to the release of Sunset Overdrive on October 28 exclusively for the XBox One.

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