A certain Mario Brother has gotten himself into trouble...

Super Mario Blunder Leads to 2DS Color Swap

A certain Mario Brother has gotten himself into trouble...

Due to Luigi’s blunder at the Nintendo 2DS factory, the conventional color of the systems will be changed. The old look, as most people may remember, included a back front with either red or blue sides. But, because Luigi ‘entered’ the wrong manufacturing code, the red and the blue will now be on the front. Along such monumental moments like sliced bread or human flight, the new colors will take their place in history. Being Mario approved, the new color-swapped 2DS will be hitting shelves sometime this November.

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The system will still be priced at $109.99 like its predecessor, and will be shipped with Mario Kart 7 pre-installed in “specially marked passages” (so make sure you look out for that mark to get Mario Kart 7). The 2DS comes with built-in entertainment options, photo and video applications,  and wireless access to the Nintendo eShop. They will still  be able to play 3DS games and almost all Nintendo DSi and DS games as well. There is also an ongoing promotion for ‘Nintendo Select’ games, such as Tomodachi Life, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf to name a few.

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