Super Mario-Kun event course available in Super Mario Maker

Super Mario-Kun level and costume available now in Super Mario Maker!

Super Mario-Kun level and costume available now in Super Mario Maker!

Nintendo launched an all-new update this week to Super Mario Maker, which allows for course designers to add a bunch of highly recommended new features — like checkpoints to their levels. Update 1.20 also introduced Event Courses into the mix, and Nintendo is utilizing them to promote courses that have been created by different partners — like Yukio Sawada, the creator of the Super Mario-Kun Japanese manga series.

Sawada created one of these event courses himself, called “Super Mario Kun 25th Anniversary,” in commemoration of the anniversary of the manga, and as a reward to his fans. Super Mario Maker players should definitely give the course a try after installing the update, because you’ll get rewarded with the Super Mario Kun Mystery Mushroom costume. 

In addition to adding checkpoints to courses, players can also add stackable power-ups that’ll have different effects on Mario in succession, just like real Mario games. For instance, if you attach a Super Mushroom to a Fire Flower and place it in a block, Mario will get the mushroom when he’s small and the flower when he’s big.

The update is live to install for Super Mario Maker now. Be sure to grab that Super Mario-Kun costume!

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