Super Mario Maker includes custom music and amiibo action

Nintendo releases some new information on Super Mario Maker, turning gamers into amateur composers.

Nintendo’s been very generous releasing new information on their highly anticipated new Wii U game, Super Mario Maker. Some new details that have been announced include amiibo action within the game and customized music and sound effects that can be imported.

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The amiibos are coming

There are over 50 known amiibos that will be supported by Super Mario Maker, and can be played in the game’s 8-bit Super Mario Bros. level design. Characters that have been announced to work in the game include:

  • Link
  • Wii Fit Trainer
  • Bowser
  • Luigi
  • Kirby
  • Samus
  • Pit
  • Little Mac
  • Pac-Man
  • Mega Man

A new amiibo is being released in honor of the Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary. It is also accessible within the game and causes enemies to become mustachio’d like our favorite plumber, and give Mario super-human strength with the power to smash through all blocks. While this super-human strength can be given with a large mushroom, it’s cool that the amiibo also has the affect.

Composers at Heart

As if designing your own Mario level wasn’t cool enough, Nintendo added in the feature that gives gamers the power to compose their own music within Super Mario Maker. Note blocks will have the attribute that gives off different musical tones when touched, and depending on their placement within the level. In addition, you can add in your own sound effects using the Wii U gamepad’s microphone. The power to make levels original has come true, with your own voice.

Other Nintendo Products

While Super Mario Maker has been making huge waves in the water, Nintendo is retailing a Premium Wii U Pack themed for Super Mario Maker. Within the pack will be the anticipated game, a black Wii U console, two special 30th anniversary Mario amiibos, and an art book. Outside the world of games and consoles, Nintendo will also be teaming up with Loot Crate to produce a Nintendo Crate that delivers Nintendo products straight to your front door. 

Are you excited for Super Mario Maker to release on September 11th?

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