Super Mario RPG Remake Trailer Reveals New Battle Mechanics

The new Super Mario RPG remake reveals some new mechanics!

The Super Mario RPG Remake trailer shown during the September 14 Nintendo Direct revealed some of the game’s battle mechanics for the first time. Not only does it show off more of the new visuals, but we got a good look at the action commands, triple move, and some boss rematches that are sure to get any Mario fan excited.

Super Mario RPG Action Commands 

Image via Nintendo

The first new mechanic revealed in the Super Mario RPG Remake trailer was the Action Command in combat. These Action Commands have various effects during battle. If timed correctly, they can block an enemy’s attack, and you won’t take damage. If you time your attacks right with an Action Command, you can deal damage to all enemies you’re fighting.¬†

Triple Move 

Image via Nintendo

Performing Action Commands will fill up a gauge on the bottom of the screen. Once the gauge is filled up to 100%, you can use the new Triple Move. Triple Move is a powerful attack that uses all three of your party members to deal massive damage to your opponent. These Triple Moves will change depending on who’s in your current parts.¬†

Boss Rematches

Image via Nintendo

The final new mechanic that was revealed in the Super Mario RPG trailer was the ability to have boss rematches. After you finish the main game, you can now fight all of the bosses again. However, they have a major difficulty increase to test your skills. 

That was every new mechanic that was revealed in the Super Mario RPG Remake trailer. There are new Action Commands, Triple Moves, and the ability to have Boss Rematches, all of which we’ll get a better taste of when the game launches on Nintendo Switch on November 17. You can pre-order it now for $59.99 over at the eShop.

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