The wait is nearly over, Super meat Boy announced to be ported over to Wii U

Super Meat Boy out for Wii U starting May 12th

The wait is nearly over, Super meat Boy announced to be ported over to Wii U

Today, May 2, Team Meat and BlitWorks announced that their critically acclaimed and long awaited platformer title will be out for the Wii U eShop on May 12. Super Meat Boy, currently on the Wii U, will join other platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Super Meat Boy is a really hard platformer…and really hard is an understatement. You play as a cube of meat who is trying to rescue his girlfriend from from an evil fetus in a tux. Players must get though obstacles like buzz saws, needles, wall hops, and crumbling caves to save the leading lady from this villain.

Super Meat Boy for Wii U will support off-screen play and the Wii U Pro Controller. This makes the port super smooth and easy for players to jump right into. In addition to that, Super Meat Boy will also be on sale for Wii U for the first 2 weeks. It’s Team Meat and BlitWorks’ way of saying thank you to all the patient Wii U owners out there. To sweeten the deal even further, this title will have its own Miiverse community. Players with the title can show other players around the globe their progress, ask for advice or share content with one another.

With only 2 weeks to wait, fans of Super Meat Boy should keep watch on the Wii U eShop on May 12th for this omega tough platformer!

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