Super Sonic Rumored for Upcoming Sonic Forces DLC

It's time to transform! Oh, just kidding. I have to wait for the DLC.

Since its release at the beginning of the month, fans of Sonic Forces have been wondering when they’ll be able to play as Super Sonic. Super Sonic is one of Sonic’s transformations, activated when he harnesses the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds. In previous games, Sonic’s Super transformation gave him superior speed and jumping abilities — and even the power of flight. 

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YouTube user PTKickass, who made the video above, discovered Super Sonic hidden within the game’s files on PC, behind an unfortunate lock:

That’s right: if you want to play as Super Sonic, you’ll have to wait for the DLC. In a time where more and more games are hiding content behind paywalls and DLC, seeing that kind of strategy being implemented in such a beloved game series has left many fans annoyed at Sonic Team. 

What do you think: Is it okay to lock Super Sonic behind DLC? In general, do you like or dislike DLC?


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