Swap Fire offers unique FPS mechanic on Wii U

Midnight Status' Swap Fire will be an interesting title to lookout for.

Midnight Status' Swap Fire will be an interesting title to lookout for.
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Indie developer Midnight Status’ upcoming first-person shooter for the Nintendo Wii U, Swap Fire, is set to be released sometime this year. While it’s not your typical first-person shooter, it’s sure to, somewhat, fill the dearth of shooters on the Wii U.

The goal of the game is to knock your opponents off of the map using a gun that “swaps” the positions of you and your opponent when the projectile makes contact. You can see a little of the action in the video below. 

(Be mindful that this is Alpha Footage, and therefore not indicative of the final product.)

Surprisingly the game is controlled by using Wii Remotes through a very unorthodox scheme that happens to work well according to the developer. The Wii U’s “controller fragmentation” was the reason for this, 

The Pro Controller is wonderful but how many people have that, let alone 4 of them so everyone has a good and fair time with split-screen? I personally love the Gamepad and hate it when games don’t support off-TV play but of course you can’t do local multiplayer with Gamepads and also we had some other ideas in mind for that controller. That set me on a search to see if we could make it play well with the one thing everyone has lots of, regular old Wiimotes.

It’s definitely an interesting thought-process, and it will be intriguing to see how the control scheme works out.

A layout of SwapFire control scheme.

The game will feature a story mode — and of course multiplayer. At present there is only local multiplayer, but Midnight Status is looking into implementing online play as well.

Swap Fire will be released sometime later this year for the Wii U. Are you excited try out the unique shooter mechanics? Would you rather the game be controlled using typical console inputs? Tell us below what you think.

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