Charge your Nintendo Switch on the go and use your favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones without the hassle.

Switch Charging Case and Bluetooth Audio Connector Now Available From Bionik

Charge your Nintendo Switch on the go and use your favorite wireless Bluetooth headphones without the hassle.

Popular third-party gaming accessory company Bionik just announced the release of its brand-new Nintendo Switch carrying case, the Power Commuter. As a follow-up to the previous carrying case, the Commuter, the Power Commuter not only provides a stylish and convenient place to store your Switch, controllers, and games, but also includes a 10,000 mAh battery to charge the device on the go.

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The Bionik Power Commuter features a plush interior, water-resistant zippers, and an adjustable shoulder strap with lots of storage compartments. The Power Commuter is available from Bionik and Amazon for $69.99.

Additionally, as pictured at the top of this article, Bionik is also opening up pre-orders for the BT Audio Sync device, which will allow users to connect their favorite Bluetooth headphones directly to the Switch without any extra hassle. Currently, it’s a bit of an ordeal to get Bluetooth headphones working on your Switch.

The Bionik BT Audio Sync has a range of 32 feet, which should be plenty even if playing docked. The Sync can plug right into the bottom of the Switch if you’re playing in handheld mode, or into the dock itself if hooked up to a TV. There’s even passthrough so that you can still charge the Switch in handheld mode while using the BT Audio Sync.

Plus, it can pair up to two sets of headphones if needed for local multiplayer. The BT Audio Sync for the Nintendo Switch is now available for pre-order from Bionik’s official website at $39.99 and begins shipping on August 5.

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