Sword and Sworcery Creators Announce Xbox One Exclusive

Innovative gameplay and design are heading to Xbox One.

Capybara Games, the dynamic developers behind Super Time Force and Sword and Sworcery, has announced this week that they will be developing a unique game for the Xbox One. 

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For now, the title looks to be Xbox One exclusive and is a top-down adventure game that takes a creative approach to roguelike gameplay. The trailer features a little bit of gameplay, but really the two things that are on display are the score and the barren, uniquely beautiful landscape. It’s hard to create an environment that is both empty and full of personality (think Shadow of the Colossus) but it looks like Capy Games had done just that. 

The small Toronoto developer has shown, in the past, to be capable of creating innovative gameplay and sound experiences that are virtually unrivaled. Most famously, there is the incredibly unique game Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP,  a music-inspired adventure game that is best played on mobile devices. Jim Guthrie, who was responsible for the songs and sounds of Sword and Sworcery will be returning to Below. Hopefully they bring the innovation that made them so distinct to the Xbox One. 

If you’re lucky enough to be at E3, the game will be playable at Microsoft’s booth. Everyone else will have to wait til it makes its debut on the next-gen system. 

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