SWTOR’s Bounty Contract Week Begins

Now anyone can pretend to be Bounty Hunters for a week.
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Bioware launched their Bounty Contract event this week for their MMO, Star Wars: the Old Republic. In this event, players can take contracts to take out out specific targets on different planets.

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It starts by talking to a person standing next to someone frozen in carbonite, which leads you to the contracts terminal in the Cartel bazaar. Here, you can take contracts on various planets. I chose Hutta first, fitting since I’m doing this event on a bounty hunter. Even though this is a bounty hunting event, any class can participate.

Now, after you talk to your contact on whatever planet you choose, you have to collect information on your target from “Shady Character” NPC’s. To do this you can use the investigation probe that is given to you, or buy drinks or interrogation probes. Both the drinks and interrogation probes have a higher chance of yielding information. The drink is a light side choice and the interrogation probe is dark side.

After you get all the information needed from shady characters, you will be directed to a contact on the chosen planet. You can choose to threaten, talk, or promise them nothing bad will happen to get the last piece of information needed. Now, the fun begins. You will be given the location of the target where you can either kill or capture them. If you want to capture them, you have to get their health down to 10%, then use the given carbonite grenade. Killing gives dark side points on contract turn in and capturing gives light side points. You will also receive reputation for each contract which can be used to buy gear, weapons, pets, and more.

A look at some of the reputation items available. Now, even your Sith Sorcerer can look like a Bounty Hunter.

Once you turn in the contract on the fleet, you will receive a completed contract item. You can use these items to take on the big kingpin contracts. The normal, henchman, contracts can only be done once a day on a character, but you can do them on other characters and the contract items can be traded. It takes five contracts to take a kingpin contract, so you can do as many kingpin contracts as you have characters, as long as you obtain the needed five henchmen contracts in some way.

That is one, huge, blaster pistol. Should be easy to bulls-eye womp rats with.

This is an interesting event. I’ve only done one henchman bounty so far, but based on the process it could get repetitive. Something that could make it better would be to provide more background information on each target. All I get is a name and brief reason why a contract was taken out on the target. It would make the contracts seem more worthwhile if we could find out more about the target, such as, why are they doing this, personality traits, what they like to do, just more background. This would break up the monotony and not make it just seem like a point A to point B mission. Overall, I still like the event and I’m interesting to see if the kingpin contracts are more involved.

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