A countdown timer on the Developer's website points to a reveal.

System Shock 3 appears to be inbound

A countdown timer on the Developer's website points to a reveal.

System Shock fans rejoice! A third official entry in the long-revered series is all but confirmed via a not-so-inconspicuous countdown timer on Developer Otherside Entertainment’s website. The timer is set to expire at midnight on December 14, at which time we can expect the “official” confirmation.

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It’s been a long time since we last saw an official System Shock game, but the series has remained relevant to a large number of PC gaming fans. The first game in the series recently saw a re-release as an Enhanced Edition, and System Shock 2 is often cited as the primary inspiration for the much beloved FPS BioShock, among other games.

A re-imagining of the original game is also in the works by series IP owner, Night Dive Studios, so it’s safe to say that System Shock is making a push to be at the forefront of gaming.

Quick Take: It’s always cool to see long dormant, but beloved franchises make modern comebacks. Unfortunately, success has proven to be hit or miss for other developers in this area. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, despite a few flaws, was largely a success story compared to games like Thief that came up short. I expect equal amounts of hype and heavy skepticism from series fans over this one.

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