Taiwan’s Uncle Pokemon Runs 67 Phones at Once to Play Pokemon GO

Taiwan's Pokemon GO master is on a mission to catch 'em all.

Taiwan's Pokemon GO master is on a mission to catch 'em all.

70-year-old Taiwanese grandfather Chen San-yuan made international headlines in the years following Pokemon GO‘s launch for his intense dedication to the mobile game. Known affectionately as Uncle Pokemon, the Feng Shui master has a grand total of 67 smartphones running at once to play the game.

The picture above comes from the recent Pokemon GO event in Taiwan celebrating the Lantern Festival.

Most of the phones are attached to his bike, which is specially modified for the purpose of playing lots of Pokemon GO. However, he’s known for carrying at least two phones in his pockets to increase his chances of catching ’em all as well.

Chen started out with just one phone, gifted by his son. After Chen’s grandson taught him how to play Pokemon GO, though, he moved up to 24 phones as of last March and had caught 45 million Pokemon.

Now he’s almost tripled the number of phones at his fingertips, and we can’t even imagine how many Pokemon he’s managed to catch in the past year. Being a Pokemon GO master isn’t Chen’s main job either. He works as a Feng Shui expert and fortune teller by day, sometimes staying up long into the night to continue catching his favorite critters.

Computer and GPU manufacturer ASUS even asked him to be their brand ambassador for the launch of the Zenfone Max Pro M2.

If anything, this is proof that Pokemon transcends age, and a grandfather in Taiwan could probably beat you down so hard in Pokemon it’s not even funny. Fortunately for competitive players, Uncle Pokemon declines PvP battles. He doesn’t want to overwhelm opponents with his advantage.

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