Take League of Legends Everywhere…as AmEx Cards

Earn Riot Points conveniently with a prepaid debit card from American Express.

If it pains you to stop playing League when you go for a quick shopping trip for necessary living supplies, namely food, then you may have a problem. However, you may now be able to contribute to your League life just by shopping. According to the New York Times, American Express and Riot Games are offering prepaid debit cards that return points for in-game purchases in League of Legends.

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Set to be announced Wednesday, debit cards will hold Riot Points, the coin of the League realm, offering more incentives to link to a direct deposit account, such as receiving 10,000 Riot Points when that link is made. When you sign up for the debit card and place $20 in the account, you’ll receive 2,000 Riot Points to spend as you see fit.

AmEx is attempting to reach out the ages of 18-24 more, the college-aged group that is one of the most enraptured LoL demographics. Stefan Happ, an AmEx executive, said their intent was to “expand [their] traditional reach beyond the mass affluent,” which is obviously not the majority of the ramen-consuming college crowd. Because of the massive LoL audience and the sheer amount of time spent on the computer, AmEx and other huge companies are on the lookout for ways to reach that kind of market. 

You’ll be able to take your favorite League characters with you on the go, be it Fiddlesticks, Orianna, or Teemo. With every swipe and purchase, you earn more Riot Points. 

AmEx will be releasing a short 30-second video starting Wednesday on the new card debut on http://na.lolesports.com/, so be on the lookout when you’re spectating. Is this something you’d buy into?

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