The latest trailer adds yet more allies and sneaks a villain in the mix for good measure.

Tales of Arise Summer Game Fest Trailer Introduces New Party Members

The latest trailer adds yet more allies and sneaks a villain in the mix for good measure.
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We were treated to a new Tales of Arise trailer at Summer Game Fest 2021, and that’s not just hyperbole. Aside from introducing us to two new party members, the latest Tales of Arise trailer showed just how good the worlds of Rena and Dahna look.

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The scorched wastelands of Dahna contrast with Rena’s lush, privileged paradise, and the Renans are determined to keep it that way — most of them, that is. Dohalim il Qaras hails from Rena and studies the arts, but he offers his aid in combat with a spear and some flashy moves made all the flashier by the smooth framerate the trailer also highlighted.

The second new character is Kisana, a knight of Dahna who, despite her origins, believes Dahnans and Renans can live together. She wears equipment made by Renans as she fights for her beliefs.

The trailer also introduced an as-yet unknown villain who seems to stalk Alphen, cornering him and baiting him into sword fights.

Lest you think Tales of Arise is entirely high fantasy, fear not. A few shots in the trailer show some elements of sci-fi integrated in the fantasy story as is true to form for the series.

Tales of Arise releases September 10 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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