Tales of Xillia Gets Release Window, Tales of Graces f Hits PSN

Tales of Xillia will be making its way to North America this summer.

Tales of Xillia will be making its way to North America this summer.

Two pieces of Tales of news at once! This is almost as exciting as when Tales of Phantasia finally got officially localized — except the Gameboy Advance version was less than stellar.

Series producer Hideo Baba made a guest post on the PlayStation blog, revealing the release window on Tales of Xillia and a PlayStation Network release for Tales of Graces f.

Tales of Xillia will be coming out this summer, though Baba did not mention an exact date. He totes the choice between two main characters (Jude and Millia), as it is the first time in the series players will be able to choose between two protagonists.

The Namco Bandai Facebook will be doing monthly Character Focus posts up to release, to give glimpses into this much-anticipated Tales of release. This month they had a focus on both Millia and Jude. We should be able to figure out which month Xillia will be seeing a release based on next month’s Character Focus.

A bit of trivia: The original Star Ocean and Tales of Phantasia had many of the same people on their development teams. Star Ocean: The Second Story was the first out of the two series to introduce the option to choose between protagonists (Rena and Claude). It was the only Star Ocean game to have this option. Tales of Xillia is the first Tales of game with this option, having been released 13 years later.

As for Graces f..

Tales of Graces f was released in the West last year on the PlayStation 3, but those of you who have yet to pick it up will have the chance to grab it on the PlayStation Network as of March 26. There will be two versions of the title available: Standard ($34.99) and Knight Edition ($54.99), which comes with 10 DLC items to use in-game.

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