Tales of Zestria Trailer Gives First Look at Game in Action

Tales of Zestria has a new trailer to go with all that hype.

Just as Hideo Baba stated earlier this year, 2013 has been an exciting year for Tales of fans worldwide. The recent announcement of Tales of Zestria on the PlayStation 3 and its international release were the icing on the cake for an otherwise interesting year for the series.

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Tales of Zestria is meant to be a throwback to the older titles, with an increased focus on fantasy and dragons. Yes, dragons!

Tales of Xillia, which saw its release in Japan in 2011, was finally released in North America, Australia, and Europe just this year. This is by no means the longest gap in localization the series has seen, and hopefully Zestria will not meet the same fate with the international release having been announced mid-development.

Among all of this is the release of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, which is scheduled for a North American release on February 25, 2014. With all that has happened with the Tales of series this year and the news of Tales of Zestria seeing the light of day outside of Japan’s shores, it looks like 2014 and 2015 will be good years for fans as well.

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