Tango’s $25M Game Fund Signs First 6 Developers

Tango has chosen 6 game developers to receive aid from their $25M Global Games Fund, but more can still apply.
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In July, Tango announced at Casual Connect that it was opening a $25 million fund for game developers in order to bolster its own gaming efforts. On November 13th, Tango signed the first six gaming developers for the fund, only three of which were publicly named.

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Tango signed Shiny Shoe Games, Falafel Games, and Planeto. Shiny Shoe Games is based in San Francisco and has mobile games already on the market, including Puzzle Raiders (a Match Three puzzle game) and Offworld (a mechanical-based RPG). Falafel Games is focused on becoming the leading producer of online games for the Mid-Eastern and Muslim world. They currently have MMO games on the market, as well as a real-life 3D shooter. Based in Sweden, Planeto markets trivia and knowledge-based games, including Quizboard, which was recently nominated for Best Social Game by the International Mobile Gaming Awards. The other three developers were not named.

Tango is offering game developers the chance to have real-estate inside their app, which has over 250 million registered users. Additionally, they are paying for promotion outside the app as well. Finally, they give developers access to Tango’s SDK, which will allow players to communicate and play together inside the games. Tango claims that their fund will give developers a chance to increase their user base, increase user engagement, and increase game distribution. 

Tango is still accepting applications for more developers here. Over 200 have applied, but only six spots have been filled. There’s still room for more. Are you going to apply? 

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