Target’s Huge Mistake: Shipping Out Xbox One Orders Early

Target mistakenly shipped some Xbox One consoles early. Microsoft is already taken measurements about it.

If you’ve been around for the past couple of days, you might have seen that there are some people auctioning off their “early shipped Xbox One.” One of those auctions was asking for thousands of dollars in order to be one of the very first gamers to experience the next-gen technology Microsoft worked on for so long.

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Well, it has been admitted by Target that they mistakenly shipped an undisclosed number of Xbox One consoles due to a “system error”, they told Kotaku.

Target was contacted after one gamer tried to sell his early acquired next-gen console on eBay (the listing has been removed already), while another user posted a video on YouTube… which has also been taken down due to “copyright claim” by Microsoft.

Xbox One on Ebay

A Target representative had this to say to Kotaku about the matter:

“Due to a systems error, Target shipped a small number of video game consoles prior to the street date, the vast majority of video game preorders are slated to arrive on the street date.”

With this issue in mind, Microsoft has taken action and temporarily banned the shipped machines in order to avoid more sharing about the product by these “lucky” gamers. Obviously, Major Nelson has been the one to talk about this matter:

How could this error influence the launch reaction of this console? Could this issue harm the relationship between Microsoft and Target?

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