Get ready to set sail on a massive adventure, as King of Seas releases soon.

Team 17 Announces King of Seas Release Date

Get ready to set sail on a massive adventure, as King of Seas releases soon.
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The pirate action-RPG King of Seas releases May 25 on console and PC for $24.99, Team 17 announced. There’s also a free King of Seas demo live on Steam now.

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King of Seas unfolds across a massive procedurally generated map that changes depending on your choices. How you interact with travel routes and settlements affects what options become available as the adventure progresses. 

Speaking of progress, King of Seas adapts its difficulty based on accomplishments, so there’s never any fear of being over leveled. King of Seas also features a robust series of customization options to craft the best ship possible to withstand both the perils of the sea and the perils of those you find on the sea.

When you’re not navigating the oceans, you’ll barter for unique goods at some of the numerous settlements dotted around the map or follow clues to locate fabulous treasure, because this is a pirate game after all.

All this comes with a cost, though. The more famous you get, the bigger the bounty on you grows.

While our time with King of Seas in 2020 was brief, we came away impressed by the care put into these many systems and called it “a well-crafted game with significant potential.”

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