Team Fortress 2 VR: Don’t Hurt Yourself

Valve recommends easing into using Oculus Rift with Team Fortress 2 with a few tips. Summary: Take things slowly.
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With the Oculus Rift coming to Team Fortress 2, gamers all over are going to have access to a type of digital experience unlike anything they have previously encountered.  Part of that means getting to used to the experience.  Virtual reality is a difficult concept to describe.  Trying to explain to someone who has only ever read books what it is like to watch television might be a good analogy.

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To help players adjust to the difference, the official Team Fortress wiki has some nice tips.  Getting the game set to run VR mode involves adding “-vr” to the command line launch options while enabling the developer console.

As for the actual tips, for starters it is recommended that players calibrate interpupillary distance.  That’s the distance between your eyes.  Also suggested is limiting the amount of time you play at first to ten-minute intervals while your brain adjusts to the experience.  Playing the slower classes can also help, as the faster-moving classes can cause motion sickness.

One last tip from me, personally.  Let us know what you think of it!  The world has been waiting for something like this to come along!

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