Team17 Returns to Third-Party Publishing

Some game publishers are slimey... at least Team17 has a good excuse.

Nearly 23 years ago, Team17 was publishing games like Alien Breed, Project-X, Superfrog, Assassin, ATR, Super Stardust, Apidya, Silverball, and many more.

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They shifted focus away from publishing games and as a developer made the highly successful (and highly awesome) Worms series of games. They then continued to make a steady stream of Worms titles for the next 18 years… showing that it is indeed possible to milk a worm. So why return to publishing now? According to their press release:

Ultimately, the timing is right; Team17 is in a very fortunate position with a wealth of personal experience to share. Team17 has an incredible community running into many millions that we can cross-promote within and raise awareness for new IPs and specifically indie games, which are very close to our hearts and something we stand up for. Team17 is home to an awesome digital publishing team who have topped every digital chart from PC, console and mobile over the last couple of years. Most importantly, Team17 make games as well and know first-hand just what it takes to make a game and take it to market correctly across all platforms.

The first title being published is an indie game called Light, developed by a studio called Just a Pixel. Team17 is funding the development of the game and it is already on Steam Greenlight here. The game looks like a more minimalist version of Monaco if you ask me… but feel free to judge for yourself as they’ve put a free demo online here.

If you’re developing a game and are in the market for a publisher, Team17 encourages you to contact them at [email protected]

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