Tell 2K Games What You Want in WWE 2K16: Here’s Your Chance

2K Games launches WWE 2K 2014-15 Feedback Project forum for gamers to post feedback and wishlists for WWE 2K16.

The WWE games are to wrestling fans as Madden games are to football fans. Every year, like clockwork, another one comes out with updated rosters and a couple of new features like a new grapple system or game mode. Last year’s iteration, WWE 2K15, tried to make the jump to next-gen and fell a bit short, cutting out a lot of content in all versions of the game while adding very little.

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Fans have been vocal about their disappointment with the game.

Luckily, 2K Games is eager for feedback

Last week 2K Games launched the WWE 2K 2014-15 Feedback Project forum dedicated to seeing what people want in WWE 2K16. The forum topics all range from broad concepts like “Gameplay” and “New Features” all the way to specific modes like MyCareer and 2K Showcase.

While we have yet to see what suggestions (if any) 2K Games will take to heart since no information on WWE 2K16 will be announced for a few months, it’s always nice to see a game company taking steps to reach out to its community.

Speaking of wrestling wishlists, check back out GameSkinny later this week to see the Top 10 things I want to see in WWE 2K16.

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