TellTale Teases Walking Dead Day 184 And 236

The Walking Dead New Teaser Day 184

The Walking Dead New Teaser Day 184

Another tidbit of information has surfaced for Telltale Games awesome title, The Walking Dead.

Telltale has released another video for The Walking Dead titled Day 184. In the first teaser they showed us titled Day 2, we get a quick look at a guy named Vince drinking at a bar. In the Second teaser titled Day 220 we see the words “Savannah Georgia” and we get a shot of a woman named Bonnie. In this newest teaser we get a glimpse of a missing persons board with a picture of Russel in a graduation outfit.

We are still not sure yet if this is for The Walking Dead season 2 or this is the something extra they have talked about. The Walking Dead writer Gary Whitta teased that more The Walking Dead is coming before season two so this might be a time killer until season 2 hits shelves.

Season 2 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead is scheduled for a fall 2013 release but if this is not season 2 then I have no idea when it might come out. Either way we all need to be ready to kill some walkers.

As I wrote this article Telltale decided to put up a new teaser titled Day 236; check them all out below or follow the links.

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