Temporary PvP Format To Stay in Guild Wars 2

The 2-team paid tournament format is going to stay, with a new map being featured every week. All PvP now also has a preliminary matchmaking system.

As part of their event for the Flame and Frost Prelude, Arenanet has had the PvP paid tournaments in Guild Wars 2 running a new format pitting two teams head-to-head on a single map.  This temporary form of PvP has not only been successful, it has apparently been popular enough that the format is going to be extended beyond the originally-planned single week.

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The format, which replaces the three-map eight-team single-elimination format for a single one team versus one team map places all paid matches on the same map.  So far, that map has been the Temple of the Silent Storm.  Now that game mode is being extended indefinitely, with a single change to try and keep it fresh and new every week.  The map on which the single-round tournaments take place will change every week, with the first map it is slated to switch to being the Battle of Kyhlo.

Even more exciting, the same announcement also mentions that Guild Wars 2 now has an actual matchmaking system in place to begin live testing.  This should help skilled players to be matched against similarly-skilled opponents to make the game’s PvP both more accessible to new players and more challenging to veteran teams.  If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to give it a try, that definitely qualifies!

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