Tencent Games Announces New Battle Royale Ring of Elysium

Tencent Games shares details about their upcoming battle royale game, Ring of Elysium, prior to its release on Steam next week.
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A new battle royale game is set to enter the market from Tencent Games. Called Ring of Elysium, the game was announced today in a trailer, which you can view above.

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Not only will players have to worry about other competitors killing them in true BR style, but the environment remains a deadly opponent as well, with the battle royale competition taking place on Mt. Dione, a mountain in British Columbia.

Throughout the game, players will have to deal with a dynamic weather system that switches up what regions of the map become dangerous when, bringing along potential avalanches that can decimate an entire section of the play area and destroying buildings and players alike.

While the goal of Ring of Elysium is for players to survive, those who make it to the end also have an objective: get to the rescue helicopter before other competitors. The rescue helicopter will arrive at a set location on the map and can only carry four players.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out in real time, but on the surface it appears this type of play can prevent players from falling victim to campers, which would be a great way to combat what’s become somewhat of a staple in other genre shooters. 

Because players are on a snowy mountain, they have plenty of ways to get around. They can hang-glide down the side of the mountain, shred their snowboard through the snow, cut through paths with a snowmobile, slip around in cars, scale the side of a rock-face with climbing gear, and more. 

Despite being stranded on the mountain, players will also have access to an array of modern weapons, carrying up to three at a time. When a player picks up a notable accessory, it instantly goes to the equipped weapon, unless the slot is already taken and then it goes to the next one in their inventory space. Weapons can also carry two scopes, giving players the ability to switch between reticles on a single weapon using a hotkey.

Those interested can find Ring of Elysium on Steam to wishlist it ahead of its September 19 release. Tencent Games plans to release the game for free.

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