TERA Elite Status Gets Even Better

New perks coming to Elite Status members next patch!

New perks coming to Elite Status members next patch!

TERA’s Elite Status is a good value for the core players of the game, and it’s about to get even better. En Masse has announced two new additions to the special bar every Elite subscriber uses to activate their perks, bringing welcome changes to altaholics and dedicated level 60 players alike.

The first addition is 1-day Village Atlas button that deposits a single Village Atlas into the inventory of the character the player is on. This makes things more convenient for the Elite Status member using multiple characters, as they no longer have to stuff their dedicated 30-day Village Atlas into the bank when they switch characters.

The tradeoff for the ‘Atlas button’ is that players will no longer receive a 3-day Village Atlas upon another month of subscription. This trade is in definite benefit of the player.

The second addition to the Elite perk bar is an even more welcome addition: press button, receive a gift box. The Elite gift boxes contain one of the following:

  • 5 Extensive Alkahests
  • 5 Masterwork Alkahests
  • 5 Spellbinds
  • 2 Master Enigmatic Scrolls
  • A 1-day cosmetic, including skins and pets

As with the other perks found on the Elite perk bar, both of these new features can be accessed simply by clicking on their respective icons on the bar and they can be accessed once a day. TERA’s Elite Status was already one of the better premium membership options among free to play MMORPGs, and these new Elite perks coming in the next patch just solidify TERA’s place as one of the better F2P games on the market.

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