TERA EU’s Playerbase Doubled After Going F2P

The European TERA servers have seen some surprising growth post-F2P launch.
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Just as anticipated, TERA‘s population has seen a surge of growth after the game went free to play last month. While TERA NA’s numbers have yet to be announced, Gameforge revealed earlier today the European servers gained over 500,000 players since free to play launch.

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The European servers seem to have a larger surge of new players than in North America, as six new servers opened in TERA EU while there have only been four new servers opened in the North American version of the game.

This new chunk of players takes the game’s playerbase up to over one million players. For a bit of comparison (or trivia), back at launch En Masse revealed the game had 700,000 subscriptions. That number has obviously dwindled, but it is an interesting little factoid.

Will En Masse announce their player numbers soon? While we have seen new like breathed into the North American servers, it’s questionable as to whether or not we’ve seen the growth Europe has. Neither version has seen the growth of the Korean version of the game, which tripled in players after TERA went free to play in the region.

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