TERA Event Allows You to Grow Big or Small This Week

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I have to say: En Masse has been doing a great job of keeping new content and events coming to TERA: Rising over the past few months. The game’s most recent (and current) event allows players to farm up shape changing items to change their body and head size to fit their, uh, personal tastes.

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The event begins today at 12PM PDT and ends next Wednesday, July 24th, at 12PM PDT. During this time players can farm certain mobs and receive one of four items related to size-changing:

  • Shape Changer: Grow
  • Shape Changer: Shrink
  • Shape Changer: Big Head
  • Shape Changer: Head Restore
The Shape Changer

Grow and Shrink items change your character’s size for ten minutes or until you enter combat. The effects of these items stack up to three times, meaning you can be teeny tiny or gigantic for the full duration. Shape Changer: Big Head similarly lasts ten minutes, but does not stack and is not removed when you enter combat. Shape Changer: Head Restore is simply used to return your head to normal size.

So where can you get these nifty novelties?

Over the course of the coming week, TERA players can farm particular mobs to receive any of the four event items. Those of higher level have a higher drop rate on Shape Changer items. The list of mobs and their locations is as follows:

  • Hyenas – Valley of Titans
  • Red last claw riders – Mistmoor Island
  • Ovoliths – Vale of the Fang
  • Vulcans – Aurum Road
  • Brutal sabertooths – Quarantine Zone
  • Desert harts – Tor Exsul
  • Sihran defenders – Mount Tyrannas
  • Hallowed sentinels – Blessing Basin
  • Crimson and teal arkais Balder’s Refuge
  • Cursed Legion praetors – Plain of the Damned
  • Feytouched lithikumas – Seeliewood
  • Argonomorph Tirkai grizzlies – Tirkai Forest
  • Enhanced argonomorph giants – Khanovar Front
  • Arzakaar guardians – Granarkus

Players of most levels sans those below level 15 should be able to farm the listed mobs for Shape Changer items. But remember, just because you want to farm them up quickly, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to go to Valley of Titans and slaughter hyenas! Again, the higher level and more difficult a mob is, the higher chance of a Shape Changer drop.

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