TERA Having Double Drop Weekend Starting Friday

Just another double drop weekend coming through. Choo choo!

Just another double drop weekend coming through. Choo choo!

Who doesn’t love receiving double drops from BAMs and dungeons? This weekend En Masse is holding another double drop weekend for TERA players to get their hands on double the trash and double the goodies from Friday 12PM PDT to Monday 12PM PDT. Get ready!

Double drop weekends are some of the best for stocking up on some of those endgame essentials like Master Enigmatic Scrolls as well as making lods emone from whatever else you happen to kill inside instances. Truly they are the best time to play TERA, though it has been less than a month since we saw our last one.

It feels like we’re due for a double experience weekend sometime soon, considering the last one was months ago. People still leveling (and alts) need help too!

The truth is, these double-whatever weekends aren’t exactly the most exciting events but they keep things interesting and, if nothing else, show that En Masse is putting effort toward keeping the community happy and engaged.

Just recently the game saw the Shape Changer event, a number of cosmetics added to the Valkyon Outfitters, several sales, a video contest, and the Corsairs’ Stronghold patch. What other MMORPG holds this many attention-grabbers? It’s amazing how much TERA has improved over the past six months in comparison to its subscription period last year.

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