TERA – Kumasylum Battleground and Elite Changes Coming Tomorrow

TERA's getting some new battlegrounds and perk changes with the patch tomorrow.

TERA's getting some new battlegrounds and perk changes with the patch tomorrow.

TERA players looking for some more variety in their PvP have a new battleground to try their hand at tomorrow: the Kumasylum. This will be the game’s second equalized battleground, allowing all players level 30 and above to duke it out in equal ground.

Much like the TERA‘s first equalized battleground, Corsairs’ Stronghold, Kumasylum is a little different from the standard 3v3s or 15v15s. Where Corsairs’ pits players in a siege battle against one another, Kumasylum puts three players in the shoes of the (slightly obese) kumases BAMs to defend their treasure from seven other players.

The official guide will be posted on the official site later today, in case you want to be prepared tomorrow. One way or another, it’s going to be fun!

Elite changes

Along with this new chunk of PvP action comes some changes to the TERA elite status perks, including a new exclusive mount, some changes to daily boosts, .

Whether tired of or attached to your jeweled lion, be aware that as of tomorrow he will be replaced with Razormane, a 280 movespeed armored horse. The jeweled lion will be available on the Valkyon Outfitters at a later date, with a discount for elite members.

Elite daily boosts are receiving a very welcome change, especially for altaholics. Elite members will still be receiving the XP, quest gold, drop gold, and reputation boosts but each of those boosts will last a total of 6 hours per day instead of the previous 4. They will be distributed in 1-hour increments for players to use on their alts.

The items delivered to elite members will be changing with this patch as well. Elite members will no longer be given strongbox keys and spellbind boxes, but they will be given a 30-day travel journal as well as a permanent cosmetic item. To even this out, spellbinds will now be sold at a permanent elite-only discount on the Valkyon Outfitters, and elite-only sales on the Outfitters will be more frequent.

This month’s free permanent item for elite members is a dyeable steampunk costume, but there’s a catch: only those who signed up or renewed between December 30th and 7AM PST tomorrow will be eligible to receive the costume. A new permanent item will be sent out to TERA‘s elite members on January 29th.

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