TERA Online receives Aces Wild Update

TERA Online brings a new, cheeky update.

TERA Online brings a new, cheeky update.

TERA Online’s coming out with a new update called “Aces Wild”, bringing in fresh changes (some of which are a little bit silly). 

What’s Serious

Flying ZonesTERA‘s catching up with the rest of the MMO world, now making a half of its playable areas flyable. A flying mount’s not required to get anywhere, but it’ll certainly get you places faster.

Ace Mode: A challenge for the solo player. Once reaching level 65 you’ll have access to the ‘Ace’ mode for dungeons, placing challenges upon yourself in order to earn unique prizes and accolades. Honestly, with how solid the combat is in TERA, this excites me.

New Cosmetic Wardrobe: If you’re a fan of buying the myriad outfits available in TERA, this one’s for you. A wardrobe specifically for cosmetics will now be available in your bank with 72 slots. This wardrobe is shared between all characters on your server. All of this is free, but you can spend cash to get even more slots.

What’s Silly

New Dungeon: Manglemire: With four other players or by yourself, go up against the cyclops Manglemire. The dungeon promises a tricky boss, who outright uses the warning mechanics of the game against you. If he’s ‘lying’, then any friendly spells will appear hostile, and his attacks will seem like buffs waiting to happen. Gotta pay attention in this fight!

Kumas Royale Battleground: A ten versus ten fight where players are transformed into baby kumas, brawling to take out the other team’s boss. Winners get a massive amount of experience points, providing easy leveling after you gain access to this at level 20.

Any of these you’re excited for in particular? Leave a comment below.

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