TERA Reaches 1.4 Million User Mark Post-Rising

Some surprising numbers from En Masse show TERA is bigger than ever.

Some surprising numbers from En Masse show TERA is bigger than ever.
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We heard about TERA Europe’s growth last week, which saw over 500,000 new players log in and play since the game went free to play. TERA: Rising in North America has seen similar growth according to En Masse Entertainment, who claims the game has garnered 1.4 million users in total since Rising‘s launch.

As mentioned in the post regarding the game’s European server growth, TERA pulled in over 700,000 subscriptions at launch. Today’s user numbers are double the game’s launch playerbase — a grand, but not really surprising feat.

The current Dracoloth event, which lasts until March 24, is in celebration of the game’s impressive growth since the free to play launch.

Food for Thought

One can guess that TERA NA actually grew more than EU, based on the original launch numbers in comparison to the game’s current userbase.

At least 600,000 have started playing since the title went free to play, if En Masse is counting total players including those from far before Rising. If they are referring to the current player total, then we are looking at anywhere from 800,000 to 1 million in user growth instead.

The more you know!

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