TERA’s Corsairs’ Stronghold Update Moved to Today

Patch 21.13.01 isn't too bad, I promise. It's really good, even.

Patch 21.13.01 isn't too bad, I promise. It's really good, even.

En Masse is no stranger to getting a little too excited and changing update release dates, and the major update including the Corsairs’ Stronghold battleground is no exception. The battleground will be making its way to TERA today instead of its initially scheduled July 2 release.

I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining because this patch is massive. Several high level dungeons have been tweaked, every class sans Berserker has adjustments, and there are a wealth of miscellaneous improvements packed in as well. All in all, this is one of TERA’s largest and most impressive patches to date. Good on you, EME.

Well This is Enchanting

One thing that may get overlooked in the patch notes is the new change in enchantment success rates: Enchantments now have a success rate identical to KTERA.

This change is a bit of a mystery move, because no one is entirely sure as to the exact differences between the two servers’ success rates.

TERA NA has seen a lot of deviation from its Korean cousin in terms of enchanting in order to reduce gear grind. It’s likely the adjustment above isn’t significant. Hopefully a dedicated soul on the forums can come up with numbers over the coming weeks to set our minds at ease.

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