TERA’s Pocket Popo Pet is Adorable and Available for Purchase

Totes the Pocket Popo is now available on the Valkyon Outfitters!

Totes the Pocket Popo is now available on the Valkyon Outfitters!

Do you like pets in MMOs? I like pets in MMOs, which is why TERA’s newest and cutest has struck my fancy: Totes, the Pocket Popo.

Totes (aka Little Popo Who Could) not only serves as an adorable companion but also as 72 slots of inventory space for the TERA player who has it all but wants even more cute swag to go with that maid outfit.

Pets are a relatively recent addition to the game but En Masse seems dedicated to giving players more choices as soon as possible. This past weekend marked a sale on all previous pets, and Totes makes his way to Valkyon Outfitters  just two days later. Now is the time of the Popo — the Popo with all the pockets!

Totes is the first pet to make its way to the North American servers with inventory space, as such he is currently the most expensive at 1925 EMP. Dragonette comes in a close second at 1650 EMP, but lacks the 72 slots of inventory space Totes holds in his deep, deep pockets.

You can grab Totes the Pocket Popo via the Valkyon Outfitters on the official site or in-game now. If you’re not enticed by the inventory slots, maybe this will change your mind:

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