Terraria 1.2.1 Halloween Update Now Live

The 2013 Terraria Halloween Update is now live. Celebrate with themed added features, and rejoice with bugs fixed and well needed changes.

Late last night, Andrew Spinks retweeted the Official Terraria Twitter announcing that the Halloween update is now live. This is what all the Terraria fans have been waiting for – a Creeper Costume and much more. The Halloween update will last only until November 10th, so enjoy it while you can.

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Halloween Specific Updates

To bring Halloween cheer and fright, Terraria has been working on many themed updates that will rock your Terraria world. Added within the update for Halloween:

  • Pumpkin Tiles and Walls
  • Hay Tiles and Walls
  • Spooky Wood Tiles and Walls
  • Goodie Bags that will drop from most monsters during Halloween
  • New Pumpkin Moon event that will be available year around
  • New Halloween themed pets
  • New Halloween themed costumes
  • New Halloween themed paintings
  • New Halloween themed weapons and armor
  • Several common enemies will now be in costumes
  • Hearts and Stars have been replaced with something festive
  • Several friendly NPCs will sell costumes
  • Dryad will now sell Pumpkin Seeds year around
  • Merchant will now sell an item to harvest hay during Halloween
  • Pumpkins will grow on their own during Halloween
  • New decorative items craftable from Pumpkins and Spooky Wood

By bringing these new building materials and items, the developers at Terraria have made the game more enjoyable and exciting. You’ll be able to build a spooky town such as Nightmare Before Christmas, or even a haunted house. The possibilities are endless, and the options keep growing. Don’t forget there is also a new boss available to fight year-round, that will test your fighting abilities.

Regular Bug Fixes and Changes

Although many people have been raving about the Halloween update, the developers at Terraria aren’t slacking on their regular game developing work. With this 1.2.1 update, they have fixed many bugs while changing some silly aspects of the game. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too crazy.

The key bugs fixed are:

  • Eater’s Bone now correctly drops from the Eater of Worlds
  • Fixed several typos
  • Fixed the bug that prevented Pirates from spawning
  • Now longer able to place campfires underwater

Many changes include:

  • Sunflowers now reduce Crimson’s effects
  • Crimson and Hollow now counteract each other
  • Added messages to help players progress in hard mode
  • Mice can no longer spawn in hell

These small updates and fixed bugs are just the top of the scale that will make Terraria more enjoyable. For the full list, refer to this link to get a better idea about even the small things the developing team have worked on.

I hope everyone enjoys this well needed Terraria update, and has a Happy Halloween. I know I’ll be enjoying this update and writing all about it in weeks to come.

Drop a comment if you’re super excited for Terraria, or curious about what Terraria is.

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