Terraria 1.3 to Be ‘Amazing’, 1.2 for Consoles in Development

Terraria 1.3 to push game past 2,000 items, and 1.2 console development is in progress. Exciting!

Terraria 1.3 to push game past 2,000 items, and 1.2 console development is in progress. Exciting!

If you’ve run yourself ragged on the new content found in Terraria 1.2, you may be happy to know the game’s 1.3 Lunar update will be bringing the total item count above 2,000.

Redigit announced they were nearing the 2,000 item mark on Twitter earlier this week, saying they only had 17 to go until they reach the big 2-0-0-0.

Re-Logic Creative Director Cenx posted the an interesting tweet a few hours prior to Redigit’s announcement:

Over 2,000 items total and an amazing update? If this doesn’t sound good enough to drag you back to the game yet again, Cenx also mentions the1.3 update in a tweet on January 7th, mentioning the bosses in 1.3 will be more of a challenge.

To compound all of this good news, programmers Yoraiz0r and Solsund are joining Redigit in Terraria 1.2.3 and 1.3 development. Things are looking busy over at Demilogic. One can only imagine how much is going into Terraria and its announced sequel.

Console version of 1.2 development progress

PC players got their dose of the patch in late 2013, but those who prefer their sandbox fun times on consoles have been waiting patiently to get the game-changing 1.2 patch.

An Engine Software development team member made a post on the official forums giving an outline on what has been developed for the console version of the game thus far. More than half of the port seems to be complete, based on the posted 2013 progress report. Four screenshots of 1.2 on consoles were added to the Engine Software Facebook as well.

It is important to remember Engine Software simply develops the console Terraria ports, while Codeglue develops the mobile ports. There have been no direct 1.2 informational updates on the mobile versions as of yet. Hopefully mobile-playing fans will hear an update on the patch soon.

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