Terraria has given a 1.3 update featuring Expert Mode, which will give the normal game play some radically difficult changes.

Terraria Expert Mode Details

Terraria has given a 1.3 update featuring Expert Mode, which will give the normal game play some radically difficult changes.

Many seasoned Terraria players will notice some extreme differences in the 1.3 update that recently launched. If you thought you were bored with this game, you might want to give it a second look.

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Some of the most significant changes within this update would have to be the amount of damage enemies inflict in Expert Mode. Not only is their damage higher, but their health is also doubled, along with a more competent A.I performance. Below is a list of all the major changes that took place in this radical update.

  • Enemies drop more loot when killed
  • Some weapons that enemies spawn with can be dropped upon being killed
  • Unique Expert Mode loot is dropped from Bosses
  • Upon death up to 75% of your money will be dropped
  • Enemies can pick up dropped money, and will have a shiny effect to show the difference
  • Re-spawn time is longer
  • Boss health scales to how many players are in-game
  • Monsters rarely spawn within safe zones
  • Pots contain more loot
  • Players can now be frozen when an Ice Creature attacks
  • Quest rewards give more money
  • Bats can now apply Feral Bait
  • Life regeneration is slower
  • Vampiric and Spectre healing is a bit less effective
  • Defense stats have a greater impact damage received

Tips on Surviving in Expert Mode

Surviving on Expert Mode is really put to the test with the amount of damage mobs will give you, so find shelter immediately. To gain a better advantage, you’ll need tools and weapons that do more damage, along with some materials. A good starting weapon is a Zombie Arm, which can be found as a rare weapon that Zombies are holding. To regenerate health easier, a campfire will give a radius that improves the regen rate. Armor is also a key advantage in improving your survival abilities.

Don’t forget to bring along your friends if you can. Playing any game solo can be difficult, but Expert Mode Terraria will go by much smoother with more players. Sure, the Bosses may be a bit more difficult; but having other players will bring in more ores and materials in the long-run. 

What do you Terraria fans feel about this new update? As a past Terraria player, I can say this will give a nice refresher to the previously boring experiences. 

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