Terraria Gets Set of 9 Steam Trading Cards, 1.2 Spoiler Background

Collect cards, get a spoiler! I couldn't ask for more.

Collect cards, get a spoiler! I couldn't ask for more.

How about a little of that Steam magic to go with your Terraria adventure? New Terraria Steam trading cards are available for players to collect and trade. To top this bit of good news off, players may also use these cards to craft a rare background-slash-1.2 spoiler. Sometimes loving sandboxes just feels so good.

If you are aiming to get your hands on the nine Terraria trading cards, you can get started on the right foot by simply launching the game via Steam and playing the game.

Not feeling Terraria right now? That’s fine: it’s time for you to play the waiting game. The rate at which you receive cards is random and is not tied to actual game progress. You can launch Terraria (or any card-compatible title) through Steam and minimize it to still receive the same amount of cards you would otherwise.

The trick to all of this is you can only receive half of the set in-game. Five can be collected in this instance, while the last four must be traded for with other players. There are plenty of people looking to trade in the game’s Steam forums, don’t let this small hurdle prevent you from collecting the whole set!

The Crimson Spoiler

How would you like a small look at an upcoming biome in Terraria 1.2?

This profile background is titled “The Crimson”, and the description blurb is as follows:

“You have one point two reasons to care about this picture”

Really, it says that. I didn’t make it up.

This looks to be some form of corruption or an entirely new biome, complete with what look like looks like a zombie with its brains exposed (on the left) and perhaps fleshy ground areas (above the cave)? Certainly worth speculating over!

This is all good news, but the release of Terraria 1.2 is still somewhat a mystery. Cenx has confirmed the release is between the next 10 and 50 days, and Red looks to be aiming for a late July/mid-August release. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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