Terraria Halloween Update – Creeper Costume and Pumpkins

Terraria Halloween update officially has a Creeper costume and little pumpkins.

If you’re one of the people who love Terraria like I do, you’ll be very impressed to know they’re having a Halloween update. But that’s not all, the best part is that the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson (Notch), has added in a Creeper costume for us all to enjoy.

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What’s so big about Terraria?

Well, Terraria is a very big game because it’s like Minecraft, but slightly more expansive. There’s a bit more than Minecraft item-wise, but Terraria is set in a 2D world. Both games have their benefits and their disadvantages, but that’s not the point. The big deal is, Terraria is finally having more updates, and now they have a little easter-eggy Creeper costume.

It’s been confirmed via Twitter, since Andrew Spinks, creator of Terraria, tweeted out a screenshot of a Creeper costume on Terraria with little pumpkins. Within his tweet, he mentions the Terraria Halloween update, while also thanking Notch in the process.

As someone who’s getting back into Terraria from these updates, I can’t wait until this one later this month. Hopefully we can expect more great things from Terraria, as well as Minecraft.

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