Studio Ghibli inspired video game, Tethered, to be launched with PlayStation VR.

Tethered, a Studio Ghibli Inspired Game, to Join PlayStation VR Launch

Studio Ghibli inspired video game, Tethered, to be launched with PlayStation VR.

Tethered, A VR strategy game, was announced earlier today via PlayStation.Blog. The game has been in production for over a year now, and is being made by former Evolution Studios Developers, now called Secret Sorcery. This will be Secret Sorcery’s first video game and will be launched with PlayStation VR this fall. 

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“Designed and developed exclusively for VR, Tethered takes the best parts of a sand-box experience you might expect from a great strategy game and combines them with gentle puzzle mechanics that help pull you through the experience, all the while wrapping you up in a beautifully immersive universe.”

–Alan McDermott, Creative Director for Secret Sorcery

You play as a Spirit Guardian and must restore balance to the islands your Peeps inhabitant. The Peeps build and maintain the islands at the Spirit Guardian’s command. The game focuses on a day-and-night structure, where day is for advancing the settlement and preparing for night, and night is for fighting off monstrous scavengers that will try to destroy the Peeps and supplies. It creates a situation where the Peeps can not survive without the Spirit Guardian, and the Spirit Guardian can not restore balance to the lands without the Peeps. Therefore, your fates are tethered.


Gamers are having mixed thoughts about Tethered. Some are super excited, some wish this game would be available on other platforms, and some are still worried about VR causing motion sickness!

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