TF2 Blog Post “The Clock is Ticking”

Valve builds the suspense with a TF2 teaser. The clock is ticking.

Valve builds the suspense with a TF2 teaser. The clock is ticking.

Today, a countdown clock appeared on the Team Fortress 2 website. The webpage is actually called suspense.htm, and features a bank of Cold War-esque computer screens detailing minutes, hours, days and weeks (though it currently only shows a countdown up to days). The deadline? Tomorrow night. Across the middle of the page, there is a huge test card screen flickering with static. 

But what does it mean? 

Apparently there is a lot going in TF2, and the TF2 subreddit is mostly talking about bread. 


If you are equally confused, here is a TF2 Reddit thread explaining the entire thing. Long story short, there is a TF2 bread-related ARG with references as far back as last January. TF2 Redditors theorize that it is related to this newest announcement. 

As for what the TF2 countdown teases? The general consensus seems to be that whatever they are showing will not be revealed for at least a week, with a teaser trailer of some kind shown tomorrow. This same strategy was evidently used for the Pyromania event. 

For a mostly non-bread related theory, Redditor donovanisthedonoman points to new content: 

I haven’t played TF2 in a while, but every time there’s a big update Valve always manages to pull me back in for a couple weeks, even if it’s just cosmetics, which thankfully they said this update isn’t. This is also looking to be a good one, with all the Bread ARG going on. Really excited we’re finally getting some new weapons since like 2 years or something.

We’ll have a clearer idea tomorrow. For now: 

tick, tick, tick

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