The 7th Guest Fan Sequel The 13th Doll Slated For Halloween Release

After months of delays from the original launch window, this fan-made sequel is set to arrive by Halloween 2019.
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Initially crowdfunded way back in 2015, the fan-made sequel to cult classic FMV horror game The 7th Guest is on the verge of release.

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Originally slated for release in February and then pushed to July, Attic Door Productions just announced The 13th Doll is in the final stretch of development. It is now due to release by Halloween 2019.

Set 10 years after the original game, The 13th Doll follows protagonist Tad on a quest to escape a mental institution and return to Stauf’s mansion for a final confrontation. 

The Attic Door development team issued this message to fans and backers today:

Apologies again for another big gap between updates – can’t believe where the time goes! On a positive note tho, we have fantastic news – FINALLY, after years of hard work, we’re confident that the game will be finished by the end of the month! It’s been a long time coming, and we can’t wait to finish the game and see what you think!

On the good cop, bad cop side, well, we think we need at least a few months to properly market the game and do a more robust round of testing and debugging, so the official launch date will be some time in October, just in time for Halloween – as several of you predicted.

Following in the footsteps of the original title, the game will feature logic-based puzzles as the core gameplay between FMV movie scenes.

The delay from the original February launch window saw polishing of existing rooms as well as the addition of new animations, collectibles to search for across the game, and colorblindness options for color-based puzzles.

You can read the full update sent out to Kickstarter backers over here or check out The 13th Doll’s newly launched official Steam game page to wishlist the title or jump into the forum discussions.

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