It was the party of the century - but in case you couldn't make it, here's everything that went down One Night in Karazhan.

The Adventure continues: Hearthstone’s One Night in Karazhan revealed

It was the party of the century - but in case you couldn't make it, here's everything that went down One Night in Karazhan.

Blizzard promised us the party of a lifetime, and around 2 AM EST at ChinaJoy, and on Twitch, they delivered – 

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One Night in Karazhan, the next Adventure installment for Blizzard’s CCG juggernaught Hearthstone, was revealed! There’s still two weeks until the first floor of the reimagined tower of Medivh (and a bonus Prologue Mission) is available for play, but here’s a few things we did manage to gather from outside the window inside the festivities because we were totally invited (probably). So far, there’s…

A new Karazhan game board

Just as adventures before it, One Night in Karazhan is adding a totally new game board to Hearthstone! This means we’ll have all manner of new odds, ends, trinkets, and doodads to fiddle with while our opponent ponders whether a Dr. Boom attack can kill us from 3 life or not.

I mean really, how long is that rope? 

Tons of new Cards

One Night in Karazhan will also come packed to the brim with a ton of new cards – including class cards from the new set of nine Class Challenges – and several powerful Legendaries like the combo-enabling Barnes, or the value-machine that is The Curator. Just as Standard had finally settled down, the newest adventure is already doing its best to liven things up and keep the party going. 

An exclusive card back

Those who purchase the entire Adventure during release week will also receive an enchanting new card back fit for Azeroth’s Most Eligible Magical Bachelor. Sure, you don’t need it to win – but since you’re going to anyway, why not win without looking boring? It’s a party, after all! Live a little.

Still plenty more to find

While all of this is music to our ears, and we are definitely grooving to it, there’s still plenty more about the new Adventure shrouded in mystery. Be sure to stick around, and we’ll keep digging up everything we can as we try to track down the man, the myth, the Medivh himself in One Night in Karazhan. 


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