The Arrogance of Microsoft and Major Nelson

Find out here why Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) is the big dick in the box when it comes to the Xbox One.
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I know it’s after E3 and all of the antics that Microsoft pulled, but this interview conducted by Angry Joe just surfaced on my Youtube feed and I thought that it was critically important that as many people see it as possible. I’m not going to lie, I am a little biased when it comes to this console war because I am a dedicated fan of Sony; however, I LOVED the Xbox 360. 

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The primary reason I wanted to show this to people is because I was simply appalled at Microsoft’s arrogance and ignorance. Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) acted as if there were no complaints about their console. Not only this, but Larry seemed overzealous and unyielding in regards to the fact that the Xbox One is the way of future, that it truly is Next Gen.

Every time that Joe even hints towards some negative aspect of the Xbox, Larry becomes defensive, as if nothing is wrong with the console, only further showing just how out of touch he is with what the audience that Microsoft is looking for. One of the biggest things that struck me is that as “limiting features” such as daily online check-in are brought up, Major Nelson seems to ignore the fact that they are entirely limiting. Rather than address the concerns, he redoubles his efforts to push the new and completely unnecessary features that have been included via the cloud and their new DRM policies.

Now I don’t want to spoil anything by commenting on everything that happens in the interview, as I did recommend that you watch it yourself. The level of ignorance that is apparent at Microsoft now is unbelievable and I look forward to the release of the PS4 and Xbox One so that Microsoft can see what a massive mistake they made by ignoring their audience and making something they wanted for themselves.

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