The best Garry’s Mod mods for 2016

The quality of mods just keep getting better and better. There seems to be no end to what players are able to create, so without further ado, here are some of the best Garry's Mod mods for 2016.

The quality of mods just keep getting better and better. There seems to be no end to what players are able to create, so without further ado, here are some of the best Garry's Mod mods for 2016.
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It's another great year for Garry's Mod. 

Originally released in 2006 as a mod for Half Life 2, Garry's Mod allows players to take full advantage of the Source Engine. We've seen some crazy mods since its release, from authentic Transformer skins to a fully-developed zombie survival mode — the quality of mods just keeps getting better and better.

There seems to be no limit to what players can create.

So without further ado, here are some of the best Garry's Mod mods for 2016. 

Dark RP

In Dark RP, every player chooses an identity, and their only objective is to fulfill the goal of their role. Simply put, it's a roleplay game mode.

Players can be burglar, a thief, and even a prostitute. There's a ton of roles to choose from. Each one makes a different amount of money per hour, and the player is free to choose what they want to do with that money. They can either buy weapons, equipment, or trade.

The mod pretty much symbolizes the limitless potential Garry's Mod has to offer. Come on, a game mode where you can roleplay as a prostitute and have it be fun?

Never in your wildest dreams.

Death View

It's does exactly what it says. This mod adds a first-person death mode.

While it seems very small compared to the bigger mods out there, the mod is great for any person who likes to make GMod videos or movies. There are a ton of Gmod videos out there, and lots of creators may have trouble simulating a first person death.

This mod makes it easier. Vanilla deaths break immersion; this first person death looks so much cooler.

Divers vs. Sharks

This mod is for the aquaphobics.

Divers vs. Sharks is a simple game mode where players are separated into two teams: Divers and Sharks.

At the very bottom of the ocean is a shrine. The divers are tasked with defending the shrine against the sharks. The sharks' primary objective is to destroy the shrine. Killing sharks gives the divers money, which they can use to buy more powerful and efficient gear.

The game mode is fun, but one thing worth noting is the map itself. The map is well-designed. It's dark and foggy, and it helps create an atmosphere where you have no idea where the enemy will strike. 

A shark can be around any corner...

GM Big City

GM Big City adds a huge city to your game. Players can take their sweet time roaming around and exploring. You can even bring other creations into the city. Have a huge firefight, or chase Bumblebee through the streets — whatever you wish.

It's one of the better maps out there because the size of the city is simply astonishing. The creators put time and effort into this project, and it shows.

Guess Who!

In Guess Who!, players are split into two opposing teams.

One team hides and one team seeks.

Those hiding have to disguise themselves between NPC's. They have to act and look as natural as possible because the other team will seek them out.

The hiding team can change their disguise and follow the other team around, or they can take the easy way out and hide in the far corner of the map. The choice is theirs.

The hunting team has to find out which one is an NPC and which one is a player. It's a more active version of Prop Hunt. Instead of just standing still, you're expecting to act and look like an NPC.


Media Player

Skyping with your friends but too lazy to share screens? Desperate for a creative way to enjoy videos together? Get on GMod and download the Media Player mod!

This mod gives players the option to turn the television asset into their own virtual cinema.

Currently, the Media Player supports these services:

  • YouTube
  • Twitch
  • SoundCloud
  • SHOUTcast

And it also supports these file formats:

  • mp3
  • wav
  • ogg
  • jpg
  • png
  • webm

The developer is working hard to add more file compatibility, but as of now, it supports the majority of files out there. 

This mod is a great way to pass some time with your friends, whether you're relaxing or creating a map together. It's always nice to have some background music playing!

Prop Hunt

This game mode is always worth mentioning.

Prop Hunt is a game mode where players disguise themselves as props, and other players have to differentiate between which prop is real, and which one is fake. 

The game mode has undergone a lot of updates since it's release, and some servers even play by their own "house rules." 

Ultimately though, Prop Hunt continues to be one of the better known mods out there, so it definitely deserves a spot as one of the best mods of 2016.

Sci-Fi HUD

The mod replaces the original HUD with a Sci-Fi looking one. And let's be honest, it looks pretty cool.

Be forewarned though, the mod is still under development, so you may run into some bugs. Fortunately, the developer is actively listening to community feedback and is taking suggestions. 

As of now, the mod does what it intends to: it replaces the ugly, boring, vanilla HUD with a cooler looking Sci-Fi one. And because of that, it earns its spot.

Trouble in Terrorist Town

Last but not least we come to Trouble in Terrorist Town, the game mode that can be simplified down to Traitors vs. Innocents — the Garry's Mod version of Mafia.

A small group of Traitors is randomly picked, and together they have to kill the Innocents. However, the Innocents do not know who is a Traitor, and who isn't. Because they're vastly outnumbered, the Traitors must use this to their advantage.

Traitors can buy special equipment and hide bodies. Some Innocents can become detectives and search dead bodies for clues.

A team wins if they successfully get rid of all the members of the opposing team.

Have a favorite mod not listed in this article? Tell me about it in the comments below!