The Bloodborne Card Game will give you a new reason to flip your table

FromSoftware's brutal 3rd person rpg is being made into a card game.

FromSoftware's brutal 3rd person rpg is being made into a card game.

It seems we’ll be returning to Yharnam in a way we didn’t expect. Eric Lang, the game designer and creative consultant for such tabletop games as World of Warcraft & XCOM, announced today on Twitter that he’s been officially licensed to create a new card game based on FromSoftware’s hit franchise – Bloodborne. The game will be co-developed with the people from CMON Games.

Lang has stated that the card game will be based on Bloodborne‘s Chalice dungeon runs. In the game, this involves dangerous missions where players venture deep into enemy territory and are forced to deal with a variety of traps, monsters, and unique bosses. The possibilities for how this could translate into a card game sound incredible. 

“Bloodborne: risk management with a bit of groupthink, inventory management/upgrades and tactical play in an intense 30 minute card game.”

-Eric Lang on Bloodborne Card Game

Eric Lang promises, “lots of death” for his contribution to the world of Yharnam. So far, there have been no hints of a possible release date. 

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