The Callisto Protocol’s Contagion Bundle DLC Adds New Mode, New Death Animations

Just keep dying in The Callisto Protocol's newest DLC update.

Just keep dying in The Callisto Protocol's newest DLC update.

The first batch of DLC for The Callisto Protocol is finally available in the form of The Contagion Bundle. Named for the horror game’s brand-new mode, this pack comes with an ultra-hard difficulty mode for the main game and 14 new death animations for protagonist Jacob. As you watch Jacob die in new and disturbing ways, you can also adorn him with some new costumes from the Watchtower Skin collection.

The first major addition in this DLC is the Contagion Mode itself. While that sounds like a brand-new experience, it’s actually more reminiscent of Dead Space 2’s Hard Core Mode. Ammo and resources are more limited, enemies are stronger, and you can’t save your game manually. If you die during any segment, you’ll get taken back to the start of the chapter. It should give fans a much tougher challenge to tackle in the main story.

As for the new death animations, developer Striking Distance Studios is being sneaky about where they’ll show up. It doesn’t seem to be limited to Contagion Mode, but the official press release says, “Pair these new animations with Contagion Mode and it’s like experiencing the gruesome horrors of The Callisto Protocol for the first time.” They might be limited to certain deaths that send you back to the start of each chapter.

Lastly, the Watchtower Skin collection is a series of weapon and player costume skins that you’ll be able to adorn on Jacob and his arsenal. It seems like a fairly inoffensive bit of content that diehard fans might find interesting.

The Callisto Protocol and its Contagion Bundle are currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. You can get the latest DLC through the game’s Deluxe Edition, Season Pass, or as an individual purchase for $9.99. 

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