The Corruption is Coming: Mutant Year Zero Devs Surprise With New Game

Corruption 2029 is a strategy game, and it's coming to your PC very, very soon.

Corruption 2029 is a strategy game, and it's coming to your PC very, very soon.
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After releasing the turn-based, apocalyptic strategy title Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden back in 2018, development team The Bearded Ladies has a brand-new game coming, and you won’t have to wait long to play it.

After its official announcement late last week, it turns out Corruption 2029 will officially launch for PC on February 17. In just one week.

A turn-based title like Year Zero, there seems to be a heavy focus on tactics once again, with players taking control of a squad of heavily augmented units seeking to eradicate the cause of a mysterious corruption. This tale of dystopian America is now up for pre-order on the Epic Game Store. Currently, there is no confirmed Steam release date.

If the game is like other EGS exclusives, Steam users will have to wait until 2021 to get their hands on the game. 

Mutant Year Zero was previously available as a free download for a limited time on the Epic Games Store and is currently available on the EGS and Steam. It is also up for grabs on the PlayStation 4, as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox One players. 

Looking for more X-COM style turn-based strategy? Phoenix Point is also now available on Xbox Games Pass and PC and offers more alien-killing mayhem and a punishing difficulty curve.

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